Let's talk about Kimbap and Sushi.

All of the Asian fans out here, who loves to eat Sushi? You love Sushi so much that anywhere you go, Sushi is your thing. Even when you visit Korean supermarkets in the U.S, you go straight to buy some. But did you know that Koreans also have their own love for Sushi? It’s made quite differently from Sushi but has the same mouthwatering flavor that get you to be addicted. So let me inform you the charm of both Kimbap and Sushi. First thing you should know is the history. There are some people who are still disputing over this, but Kimbap derived from original Japanese style called norimaki. Norimaki is seasoned rice wrapped in seaweed with one or two fillings inside; however, it is said that Koreans started to put more ingredients in the roll to make them bigger and fuller. Later, Japanese also begin to include more ingredients, creating another type of Sushi called futomaki.

Kimbap vs Sushi

It’s common for people to think that rolls are included as Sushi; however, Sushi only refers to seasoned rice topped with raw slice of fish, vegetable, or egg. Then what is the difference between Kimbap and Sushi? The first difference that you should keep in mind is the rice. For Kimbap, the rice is seasoned with salt and sesame oil. On the other hand, Sushi rice is mixed with vinegar. Both seasoning bring out the best of the ingredients.

The second difference is the ingredients. As you know, Japan is famous for its seafood industry. Sushi itself represents how seafood is so common and very well used among the Japanese. There are so many different ways of making Sushi with seafood. The most basic form as you all know is rice with a sliced piece of Sushi on top. Usually, to bring out the true taste of the seafood, they limit the ingredients to put in. Nonetheless, in Kimbap, basic ingredients are at least five; seasoned spinach, pickled radish, carrots, fish cake, and egg. Although they are great as they are, by adding any other kind of meat, seafood, or vegetable, you can experience different ways to enjoy Kimbap.

Last but not least, the third difference is the occasion. Because Sushi is expensive due to its ingredients, they are only eaten when there is a special occasion. It is likely that you will see them at parties or ceremonies. Kimbap, on the other hand, is different. Korean people eat them whenever they feel like it. They enjoy eating Kimbap on regular basis such as on a picnic, for lunch, for dinner, and basically for any reason. This is because even though it takes some time to make them, the ingredients are easy to find and are not expensive. Kimbap is not a fancy food but rather a friendly food that is very popular among the people.

Even though they look similar on the outside, each have their own history and flavor; however, no matter what the difference is between Sushi and Kimbap, it’s irrefutable that both are irresistibly amazing. And because both of them can be made according to your taste, you cannot go wrong. But since Kimbap is not as widely known as Sushi, why don’t you try some for once? They can easily be spotted near Korean supermarket or you can even buy the ingredients and make it together with your family and experience that harmonious environment Kimbap brings out within the family.