How about a cup of matcha tea today!

Nothing is better for lowering the temperature of your body than green tea. Matcha tea seems to be a trend this year for Japan and Asia. It is called matcha in Japan. The clean and crisp flavor of Matcha is the best.
The feeling you receive when you drink matcha in its suspended state is very important. This recipe though having originated in Japan, records have shown that matcha has been enjoyed by the Song Dynasty of China, as well as the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea. The process is very difficult to track, but matcha has originated from Japan rather than China and Korea. China enjoy man different varieties of teas other than matcha, due to its highly developed tea culture, even the common Chinese citizen enjoys tea. When I visited china, everybody was drinking tea with tumblers, I thought tea was given out for free somewhere.

Matcha is a powdered green tea leaf tea to drink than to eat the whole tea leaf tea leaves in hot water concerned has the advantage of being able to consume all of the beneficial ingredients to the tea does not concern the water. For example only 40% of vitamin A and tocopherol can be consumed through fibrous leaf tea, on the other other hand, 100% of these substances can be consumed when drunk through matcha. Matcha has less of a bitter taste to it and also contains plenty of amino acids and chlorophyll, making it easy to dissolve into water, or even be incorporated into bread, chocolate, macaroons, noodles, sherbets and can be used in many other food materials.?Matcha tea can come in a wide variety of prices, one should note that cheaper matcha may have inferior taste and quality compared to a more expensive brand of matcha.?The more expensive matcha is?not necessarily better but you should be careful of cheap tea.

How to make a Matcha Latte

How to store matcha tea

1. One characteristic of matcha tea is that it is very sensitive to temperature and moisture.
2. After use, always fold and grab with tongs and place into the matcha tea container.
3. Placed where there is no sunlight and moisture. In good matcha tea, the green is bright yet dark. Poor powder nears a brownish color, the reasoning being the lower quality materials. However, not all dark colors are bad. Usually, the bright, yet dark green is said to be the best.